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If you are ready to take part in the American Resource Boom and the Energy Technolution, then subscribing today is for you.  

Let's take a look at what we know: 

  • We know governments favor inflationary policy over paying down debt - they've said so and proven it by their actions.  
  • We know that resources on the planet are slowly being used up as supply remains about level and demand grows with the population.  
  • We know that emerging economies have billions of people to keep happy and thus will continue to push growth once the current economic malaise is finished.  
  • We know that sometime this decade, higher inflation will hit, and that in inflationary times, resources thrive.

Visiting the BakkenThink about the inflation we saw in the early 2000's as the warm-up for what is coming around the world. Luckily, America will do relatively well in the coming environment due to being resource rich. Smart investors will do very well, relatively and absolutely.

This is where The American Resource Boom Letter comes in. Kirk has built this service for the person who wants to benefit from the inevitable rise in resource linked investments. None other than legendary investor Jeremy Grantham of GMO has recently stated that investors ought to be dramatically over-weighting these investments.

Kirk and his team provide growth stock, dividend stock, option strategy, MLP and ETF analysis designed to profit from the developing long-term trend.

Read Kirk's articles on MarketWatch for big picture thoughts and Seeking Alpha as he puts out reports on the "The Last Great Chance to Buy Oil & Gas Stocks"  However, you only get Mr. Spano's trades in these companies and ETFs by subscribing today.  

Here are some of the benefits for Self Directed Investors:

  • Information about The American Resource Boom as analyzed by nationally published investor Kirk Spano.
  • A new blog entry each weekend.
  • A monthly "Must Own Stock" stock or ETF (sometimes more).
  • Timely Stock and Option Trades.
  • ETF trend trades - given the cyclical nature of resources, these trades can be highly profitable.
  • Defensive strategies - including, how to use put options and inverse ETFs.
  • Rationale about our stock and ETF selections.
  • Email alerts made 20 minutes after when Bluemound Asset Management, LLC makes market price block trades across multiple accounts.
  • Monthly investor conference call with Q&A - available by podcast afterward.
  • Weekly webcast at Kirk's YouTube channel.

All of this is available for only $199 per year. Subscribe today. 

What this service does not include:

  • This is not a day-trading service. We are position traders. We buy and hold for extended periods. Occasionally we make a swing trade that lasts for a period under or around a year.
  • Personalized advice. Determining what trades are appropriate for your situation is your responsibility as a self-directed investor. 
  • Any guarantee of any kind. Your results will be determined by your application of information, as well as, the further analysis and due diligence which you as a self-directed investor conduct. 
  • Please read our Disclaimers and Terms of Use.

You accept all responsibility for your trading decisions.  You may lose money.  If you cannot commit the time and effort to researching your investments fully, we recommend hiring a reasonably priced, well informed, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor - we know one.