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Oil at an Inflection Point 23 November 2014
Looking at Oil Stocks 16 November 2014
Asset Allocation Thoughts Before the Next Crash 12 November 2014
Respecting a Stronger Dollar 02 November 2014
Time to Learn What IOER Is 27 October 2014
Position Trading is Trading Too 23 October 2014
3 Seasonal Stock Picks 15 October 2014
Oil Prices Still Crashing 14 October 2014
This is Not a Collapse, so Buy the Big Trends 14 October 2014
4 Bloodied Natural-gas Stocks to Buy Now 06 October 2014
Loosely Tying Ben Bernanke's Hiring to China 31 August 2014
Is "This" the Correction??? 10 August 2014
Trouble, Trouble Everywhere 03 August 2014
Market Correction Would Provide Opportunity 31 July 2014
Updates and updates 21 July 2014
Technology leading way to freedom from OPEC 07 July 2014
The Peak Oil Plateau 06 June 2014
Cleaner Opportunities in Fracking 31 May 2014
Gold ETF Lets Retail Investors Swap shares for Bars 21 May 2014
America's Natural Gas Future 15 May 2014
Sometimes it Pays to be Cautious 15 May 2014
Wall Street Betting on Natural Gas 11 May 2014
New Additions to Target List 22 April 2014
The Great Retrenching Continues... 15 April 2014
Russia, America and Natural Gas - Part II 06 April 2014
Russia, America and Natural Gas 05 April 2014
Time to Start Thinking Like a Contrarian on Coal 25 March 2014
Score One for Mitt Romney 02 March 2014
Benefiting from Coal's Decline 23 February 2014
Gold Miners to Take Charges 10 February 2014
Quick Note on Screening Results 20 January 2014
Hedge Funds Mistaken on Gold 20 January 2014
2014 at a Crossroads 05 January 2014
Gold's Correction is Almost Done 22 December 2013
The Iran Nuclear Deal's Impact 24 November 2013
More About Why Coal is Nearly Dead 24 November 2013
Coal is in a Coma - Good! 17 November 2013
Volatility, Opportunity and Next Crisis 31 October 2013
Potash Suffering in New Market Environment 29 October 2013
Potash Corp Facing Uncertainty 27 October 2013
Time to Trim Oil Company Holdings 27 October 2013
Get Ready for the Next Recession 12 October 2013
Schizophrenic Market Begs for Caution 10 October 2013
Another Self-induced Government Crisis Obscures the Real Problems 30 September 2013
Bakken Build-out Continues 30 September 2013
What is the Energy Technolution 27 September 2013
Is It Time to Take More Risk? 17 September 2013
Syria Only Matters if it Matters 08 September 2013
Summer is Over 02 September 2013
Taper, China and Commodities, oh my 12 August 2013

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